If you want to get an insider's view of the YSN student experience, there is no better way than to connect directly with a currently enrolled student. That's why we have a team of student ambassadors available to meet with you, answer your questions, and give you the inside view of the life of a YSN student. Whether you have questions about the coursework, the clinical experiences, where to live, or even which New Haven pizza is best - the ambassadors are here to help. Use the form below to contact an ambassador, or schedule a one-on-one personal appointment!


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Jamison Dorsey

Jamison Dorsey

GEPN - Year 1 
Nurse Midwifery

Where are you from originally? Nesmith/Hemingway, SC 

Educational background:  Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  

Previous experience:  Volunteer Birth Doula/ Doula Mentor at UNC Birth Partners and Social/Clinical Research Assistant at Motion Science Institute at UNC 

Career plans/goals: I aspire to be a nurse-midwife providing care to underserved communities and mitigating maternal health disparities, especially addressing the Black Maternal Health Crisis.  

Fun fact:  I experienced landing at the 2nd most dangerous airport in the world on my first trip abroad during a volunteer trip to Honduras! #Toncontin International Airport 

Favorite study or social space: The Hub 

Favorite class (so far): Introduction to Drug Therapy  

Favorite thing about Yale/YSN: My GEPN cohort! 

Favorite New Haven pizza: Frank’s Pepe Pizzeria  

What would you tell someone who is interested in this program? Take advantage of the numerous resources, faculty and peer support, and various enrichment opportunities to enhance your time and experience at YSN. 

Jamison Dorsey

Hargun Kaur

MSN - Year 1 
Family Nurse Practitioner

Where are you from originally? I was born in Punjab, India. High school in Singapore.  

Educational background:  Undergraduate in Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from University of Miami. Minors in religion and Healthcare, Public Health and Psychology. 

Previous experience:  Hematology / Oncology RN

Fun fact:  I am a fiber artist, macrame, embroidery, wearing, crocheting and now I'm picking up knitting! I have dabbled in painting of all sorts before, and I am a Book Dragon at heart. I don't just read books but love to collect them and dive deep unto the fantasy worlds.

Favorite study or social space: The relaxation room on the lower floor of YSN is my go-to for naps in between classes or a cozy reading session. 

Favorite class (so far): Skills and Procedures

Favorite thing about Yale/YSN: I love the community of people whom you find at YSN and the support that is available for you. I have always been able to reach out for help, feedback or concerns when I need, without any negative feelings associated with the experience

Favorite New Haven pizza: Aladdin's, its right next to Bar and Vio and their chicken shawarma pizza is the best ever!

What would you tell someone who is interested in this program?  Being a Yale graduate NP is an undertaking that you will take on with support from YSN, the community you find here and your professors. It's not an easy task by any means and you as a professional graduate program, what you will get out of YSN, highly depends on you as well. I think there's opportunity and space for you to explore your interests while following the structure of the program. Yale will prepare you for so much that you will see in your world of practice, including how to stay flexible and be an adaptable learner, as is often required in practice. 

Dang Lam

Dang Lam

GEPN - Year 1 
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care

Where are you from originally? I am originally from Los Angeles, California 
Educational background: I earned a BS in biology from University of California Los Angeles.  
Previous experience: Before enrolling at YSN, I gained five years of experience as a medical assistant at practices specializing in ophthalmology, cardiology, family medicine, and dermatology.  
Fun fact: It was hard to leave sunny LA for Connecticut, but I’ve come to enjoy the beauty of New England architecture and aesthetics. Here, I’ve found a second family in my classmates at Yale School of Nursing.  
Favorite study or social space: I always look forward to studying at Poindexter Cafe located inside the dazzling Bridgerton-esque Graduate Hotel. 
Favorite class (so far): My favorite class is Pharmacology because its application is relevant to our daily lives. It also teaches me how different drugs interact with one another in providing therapeutic effects in our bodies.  
Favorite thing about Yale/YSN: On my days off, I enjoy exploring my neighborhood: fine dining, coffee shops, historical museums, and beautiful landscapes.  
Favorite New Haven pizza: If you are a fan of pizza, I would recommend trying BAR and Modern Pizza! 
What would you tell someone who is interested in this program?  My advice for prospective students would be to have an open mind and explore their interests before embarking on the long journey of becoming a healthcare provider. As a future nurse practitioner, I hope to provide high-quality care for my patients and inspire them to live a holistically balanced life.  

Jiyeon Lee

Jiyeon Lee

MSN - Year 1 
Pediatric Primary Care

Where are you from originally? I’m from Seoul, South Korea!  

Past educational experience: I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Pittsburgh

Previous experience: I worked as a school nurse assistant and research assistant during my undergraduate years. I recently started working as a research assistant for a neonatal research team here at Yale as well.  

Career plans/goals: After graduation, I hope to work as a pediatric nurse practitioner and pursue a doctorate at some point to conduct research in my areas of interest!  

Fun facts: I love playing/trying out musical instruments, singing for fun, and traveling!  

Favorite study or social space: I would say the Hub and group study rooms on the first floor are my favorite study/social spaces. There is also a cozy room with recliner chairs on the ground floor, which is a great place to relax in between classes!  

Favorite class (so far): So far, my favorite class is Primary Care of Children 1 !  

Favorite thing about Yale/YSN: My favorite thing about Yale/YSN is the welcoming atmosphere. I was a new student here last semester, and everyone I had a conversation with was more than willing to answer my questions about classes, YSN, Yale, and life in New Haven in general!  

Favorite New Haven pizza: I’ve only tried Sally’s so far, so I’ll make a final decision once I try all the pizza places here! 😀 

What would you tell someone who is interested in this program?  Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions – the Student Ambassadors were in your shoes just this time last year and will be there for you as you navigate through the application process!  

Yuly Rios Mendez

Yuly Rios Mendez

Entered as GEPN
MSN - Year 1 
Psychiatric-Mental Health

Where are you from originally? I am originally from Colombia, but before moving to New Haven, I used to live in Washington DC.  

Educational background: I hold a degree of Psychologist from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali, Colombia and a Master in Social work from University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA. 

Previous experience: In DC I worked as a licensed clinical social worker in primary care clinic specifically in behavioral health integration. Before this, I worked with Colombian internal migrants in reintegration projects.  

Career plans/goals: After graduation I would love to work in primary care, in the integrated/consultation psychiatry field.

Fun facts: When not in school, like to spend time walking in east rock park with my rescue dog. I enjoy outdoor activities specially scuba diving.   

Favorite study or social space: I love arriving early to school to grab a study room all for myself!

Favorite class (so far): During the GEPN program my favorite class was pediatrics. In my specialty, so far, I am loving Psychopathology.

Favorite thing about Yale/YSN: The student life/services team. They rock! 

Favorite New Haven pizza: I love the Italian bomb Pizza from Modern.

What would you tell someone who is interested in this program? Apply! If you feel this program meets your needs, do not be afraid to apply to Yale School of Nursing just because its name.  

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